Auto Ventshade/Vent Window Deflector

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Auto Ventshade Vent Window DeflectorInstalling auto ventshades or vent window deflectors on your vehicle helps to keep the rain out especially when the windows are open. In addition, they diminish interior wind sound noise and also reduce mirror fogging.

Without proper ventilation, mist and fog formation on the mirrors and inside the vehicle can lead to visual disruption which is a real danger while driving.

Installing ventshades together with other sunshades on your rear or side window, will allow you to enjoy every drive without the outside atmosphere affecting you in anyway.

Whether it is sunny or rainy, snowy or windy, these side deflectors always maintain proper ventilation and also add a stylish look on your car. They will allow you to crack the windows so that fresh air can get through without it looking like the window is open. This helps in reducing heat buildup especially in parked cars.

These wind deflectors are made of different material such as chrome plated plastic, high quality acrylic or chrome material. They also come in different designs. Most of the material is usually scratch and UV resistant. Some have dark smoke finish while others have chrome finish. The chrome finish usually stays on beautifully and helps to improve the look of your vehicle.

In-Channel Ventshades

These are designed to snugly fit into the top window channels. They normally require only a one time installation and last quite a long time. They are installed by mounting them without using adhesives. They are easy to remove and have a low profile look.They have been designed to fit most of the vehicle contours. They will fit both front and rear side windows.

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Tape-On /Stick-on VentShades

They feature an out-of-window design that is easy to install. These are normally fixed on the exterior layer of the window-frame. They come with pre-applied mounting tape. The tape is peeled out, then the ventshade is mounted in place and the installation is complete. No drilling or cutting is required.

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All these exterior accessories are ideal for hot climates to keep the interior of a car or truck in a cool state rather than having a closed up vehicle that emits stale odors.

How To Choose The Right Side-Window DeflectorsVentvisor Window Deflector

If you decide to purchase your product via an online platform, it is important to purchase from a reputable online retailer such as where there are systems to ensure that the particular rain guard that you intend to purchase will definitely be able to fit your vehicle model.

Choose the right set either 2 for front windows or a set of four to include all the windows. You can either choose the tape-on or in-channel designs.

Select the best shade that will compliment the color of your vehicle. This not only gives the required utility but adds up to the look and style of the car.

Before sticking up these vent shades make sure you clean up the surface area so that it is free of dirt, paint, wax that can act as detrimental elements hindering the shades from sticking well.

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