Automobile Sun Visor Extensions For Cars

Automobile sun visor extension for carsAutomobile sun visor extensions for cars are designed to help extend the area that the ordinary visor cannot reach or handle.

These extensions are a life saver and usually increase driver’s comfort and safety. They also help in preventing traffic accidents.

They are so strategically located that they usually block the sunrays from blinding your eyes either from the side window or from the front windshield area.

They usually act as sunshades providing maximum UV protection and also allowing you to stop squinting or straining your eyes so as to be safe while driving.

They are ideal for those times when the sun is at lower angle especially during winter months. They effectively block early morning sun and afternoon glare that is dangerous and blinding. They also provide instant relief from other reflective glaring surfaces including glare from oncoming car lights. 

Most of them are designed to be mounted at the bottom of an existing sun-visor with the use of clips or elastic and Velcro strips.

They are light and transparent and do not hinder normal visibility. Some of them come are constructed with a transparent tinted material that is optically clear.

They usually come with a rotating feature that enables you to either angle it downward when required or can easily stuff it upwards when not required. They are very easy to transfer from one car to another.

Here are some of the top rated designs available at

Zone-Tech Tinted Extender

Sun Blaster ExtenderThis Zone-Tech Tinted Extender is ideal for cars, van, recreational vehicles, SUVs and trucks. It makes driving into the sun easier on the eyes and much safer. It is light and has universal fit. It is a flip down design and it extends significantly below the visor. It features sturdy non-glare Premium Quality acrylic board construction. It is tinted and has a great smoky shade.

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It comes with a sturdy large heavy-duty clip. It is very easy to attach as you just need to clip it on to the bottom of any visor. After installation, it stays put and is very simple to rotate to whatever angle. When not in use, just flip it up. It measures 11.8 inches by 5.66 inches by 0.12 inches.

Vulcan-x 2 in 1 Anti-UV Block Visor for Day and Night

Eforcase Extension for Day and NightThis Vulcan-x 2 in 1 extension is designed for both day and night protection. It is a 2 in 1 anti-glare lens to help reduce glare from the sun and car lights at night . It is made of cardboard material.

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It attaches on the car-visor with its thick clip. It has a universal size and measures 12.5-inch x 4.7-inch in size. It is compatible with most cars. One panel has the yellow color for blocking car headlights at night. The other panel has transparent gray color and blocks sunshine during the day.

Once installed, it stays firmly in place. It has a grip on both the bottom and top edge of the visor.

Glare Guard Visor Extender

This Glare Guard Visor Extender is made of high-quality polarized film. It reduces sun glare and protects against harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. The polarized feature helps you to see much clearer eliminating any distortions. It is designed to fit in most cars that have a visor including SUVs, trucks, RVs, vans and jeeps.

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This extender is easy to install and extend. It comes with Velcro straps and aluminum clips for a secure fit. You only need to clip it on your car visor. It secures firmly and does not shift when it is raised or lowered. A microfiber cleaning cloth is also included. It measures 14-inch by 3.5 inches in size. It is made in the USA.

Zento Deals Tinted Visor Extender

This Tinted Extender features tinted plastic that blocks UV harmful rays. It is also compatible with most vehicles. It helps in reducing sun brightness and glare. It comes with a heavy-duty clip for easy installation.

It clips on the visor and easily flips up or down. When not in use is easily folds up and stays in line with the visor.

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It measures 5-inch by 7-inch in size. It is lightweight in design. It can be used on the windshield and side window.

It is also cheaply priced compared to the rest.

Sunset Visor Extender

This Sunset Visor Extender is ideal for the side window and front windshield. It fits most SUVs, cars and trucks. It also adjusts to fit most visors. It provides 100 percent UV protection. It reduces sun glare and eye fatigue. It reduces sun reflections during sunny days. It also reduces snow reflections during winter. It is ideal for all seasons. The extender is made of sturdy polycarbonate material and high-quality clear lens. The lens boasts of 99 percent clarity. The lens is protected by coating for reducing abrasion.

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It is easy to mount on the visor of your car with its Velcro strip. You can also easily transfer from one vehicle to another. This extender is elegant and durable.
It easily adjusts either vertically or horizontally. It will also fold upwards and out of the way when not in use. This extender measures 13-inch by 5.5-inch in size. It is 2.7mm thick. It is gray in color.

Visormates Side Window Extender

Visormates Side Window ExtenderThis side window extender is completely opaque and adds up to 8 inches in length to your sun-visor. It helps in blocking sunlight around the rearview mirror and the driver’s side window. It is adjustable and easy to install. It is easily removable and can be reused in different cars.

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It comes with wide elastic bands to hold it in place. To use it, just slide it out to the right or left depending on the side the sun is coming from. It is made in the USA and one set comes with 2 plastic extenders and two bands for each extender. You only get the size that fits your car model.

Trillium Worldwide SunShield

Trillium Worldwide SunShieldThis Trillium Worldwide sunshield has a flip-down design which means it extends downwards to block direct sunlight on your eyes.

It is simple to install in most visors using its sure grip heavy-duty clamps. It fits tightly and stays in place without dropping or sagging.

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This plastic shield has a medium tint shade, which allows you to see out clearly. It measures 11.75 inches by 4 inches by 1.5 inches. It is constructed with high-quality shatterproof poly-carbonate material.

It helps protect from harmful UV rays.

It is also very easy to install and operate. It is also easily adjustable.

Polarized Gray Colored lens

Polarized Gray Colored lensThis gray colored lens is polarized and features a flip down design. It fits all cars, pickups, recreational vehicles, vans, trucks and campers. It mounts easily and comes with built in Velcro strips and two metal clips to secure it and prevent it from sliding side to side. It reduces reflection and glare.

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It measures 14 inches by 3.5 inches. It provides UV protection and doesn’t cause any optical distortion. It is made of high quality plastic material. It is very simple to maneuver into different positions. When not in use, it folds flat and out of the way.

Get the right sun-visor extenders to improve your driving experience and enjoy a cool ride even on a hot sunny day.

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