Baby Easy Roll Sun Shade For Cars

Baby Easy Roll Sun Shade For CarBaby easy roll sun shades for cars are designed in a way that makes it easier to operate them. They are designed to fit side or rear car windows.

Most of these covers automatically rolls upwards when they are not in use.

These screens help in protecting babies from damaging sun rays and also from the glare of the sun that shines through the windows. You will agree with me that prolonged exposure to sun is very risky for babies, and it is therefore important to invest in sun shields that you can use inside your vehicle, be it an SUV, van or a truck.

They are designed in a way that is child-friendly. Most of them come with cartoon and animal designs. They are affordable and very easy to install. They are available in a wide variety of material, color and designs.They are designed to attach to the window or to be clipped onto the top of the window.

Here are some of these products available in the market today.

Mickey and Minnie Sunshade

Mickey and Minnie SunshadeThis Mickey and Minnie sunshade comes in two packs. They feature fun mickey and minne designs. They are made of durable mesh and have an adjustable length.They provide high quality shade coverage and a bit of privacy.

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They comes with a velcro strap and suction cups for attaching. They are easy to attach and suction cups help in holding them very securely. They have a retract button at the side for pressing in order for the shade to automatically roll up .

Safety Soft Solution Roller 

Safety Soft Solution Roller ShadeThis Safety roller sunshade is easy to stick and remove. It attaches at the top and bottom window area with the use of suction cups. It comes with a push button to help retract the screen.

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It is constructed with soft mesh material. It features sturdy retractable spring in a rubber casing at the top. It is crash tested and extends to about 16-17 inches from the base with a width of 14 inches.

Dreambaby Roller Extra Large Design

Dreambaby Roller ShadeThis Dreambaby roller model features zebra and tiger designs. These designs are visible from the inside and outside. It comes with heavy duty suction cups that firmly attach the shade onto the window. Additional clips help  in hooking the shade over the window if needed.

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It easily rolls up when not in use. The length is adjustable and it extends to 19.5 inches in length and 21 inches wide. This large size covers the whole window and is ideal for SUV’s, large cars and trucks. See the video below for a better illustration.

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EZ Magic Retractable Shade

EZ Magic Retractable ShadeThis retractable shade is well made and easy to install. It is easy to use and perfectly matches most window designs. It is large with a width of 18.5 inches. It usually covers most of the area and is ideal for most of rear side windows including those with curve lined tops.

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It is simple to use and automatically rolls up and down with the window movement. It keeps sun rays out of the car and effectively blocks the glare of the sun including the reflection of snow. It easily attaches with the use of a clip on the bottom of the interior frames of side-windows.

Disney Sparkle Princess Shade

Disney Sparkle Princess ShadeThis Disney shade features a design of a sparkle princess. It is made of see through lightweight material and has a width of 14 inches. It has an automatic roll button to adjust the shade upwards when not in use.

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It is easy to attach by clipping it at the top and with the use of suction cups, you get to attach it securely on car windows. It also comes in another design featuring a car image.

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