Best Back Car Seat Covers For Kids

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Back Car Seat Covers For KidsBack car seat covers for kids are distinctively designed to protect the upholstery or seat covers from kid’s muddy or dirty feet including puppy paw prints.

These auto-seat back protectors keeps the upholstery well protected against scratches, dirty footprint and scuff marks.

Just like other seat protectors or seat covers, these covers usually help in prolonging the life of the car-upholstery and also keep it clean, neat and well organized.

Since these kick mats usually protect the back of the front auto-seats, you don’t have to worry when your kids start kicking the back of the seat.

These covers are a cheap and convenient way to keep the interior in good state, eliminating excess cleaning or detailing fees.

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They usually come as a pair to protect the back of the driver’s seat and the adjacent passenger’s seat.

They are made of soft, yet durable material that won’t scratch your upholstery. Some of the designs come with organizer pockets.

Most of them are made of waterproof material that guards the seat upholstery from spills, mucky stains, dog hair and drool.

Here are best rated designs available today.

Freddie and Sebbie Kick-Mats

Freddie and Sebbie Kick-MatsThese kick-mats feature durable nylon plastic material. The material is smooth and won’t damage the seats. They have buckles combined with adjustable stretchable elastic straps at the top and bottom to help secure in position and prevent the mats from sliding around. The bottom strap usually wraps all the way around the seat while the top strap is designed to go around the headrest.

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Each mat is 17.5-inches wide and 22.5-inch long. They are relatively easy to install. The material is easy to wipe off and clean. They come in a pack of 2. It is black in color.

Enovoe Kick Mats

Enovoe Kick MatsThese Enovoe mats come in an extra large size that fits most minivans SUVs, sedans, and trucks. They are made of canvas plastic type material. This thick dual-layered material is stain and waterproof. The material is easy to wipe clean. They are designed to fit directly beneath the head rest. Each mat measures 18-inches by 24-inches. In addition to the pack of 2 mats, a free Ebook on Kids activities/games and free Enovoe air freshener are also included.

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They are fitted with adjustable straps at the bottom and the top to hold the mat securely in position without bunching or sliding around. These straps are elastic and don’t interfere or inconvenience the driver. The strapping at the top is designed to buckle around the head rest. The other strap fits around the bottom of the seat, tucks underneath and is also invisible.

Deluxe ZenKid Seat Back Cover

Deluxe ZenKid Seat Back CoverThis ZenKid cover comes in an extra–large size that fits most SUVs and other types of vehicles. Each mat measures 18 by 23.5 inches. They are made with long-lasting, durable water resistant fabric material. This fabric wipes clean easily and is also machine washable. Each mat has 2 easy-to-reach storage sleeves to organize your kids items, such as toys, snacks and books.

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They are easy to fix and come with a top strap that clips under the headrest and a lower strap that clips around the back of the seat. Each pack has 2 covers.

Luxury Premium Kiddleco Car-Seat Back Protectors

Luxury Premium Kiddleco Car-Seat Back ProtectorsThese Kiddleco premium protectors have universal fit that is ideal for luxury, SUVs, and sedans. They are made with durable thick nylon material that wipes easily with a clean cloth. The material is waterproof and will protect your upholstery from wet muddy shoes. Each of the protector measures 18.5 by 23.6 inches.

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They have two buckled straps at the top, and at the bottom to straps around the head rest and down along the bottom of the seat. The straps are elasticized to fit on all size seats. Each pack has 2 of them including a free e book. They are easy to install and take off. They are black in color and reasonably priced.

Deluxe PoppyTootToot Kick Mats

Deluxe PoppyTootToot Kick MatsThese Deluxe kick-mats are dual sided with storage pockets on either side. They feature water-resistant and machine washable fabric. Each mat is 27 by 20 inches in size. Each mat has 2 mesh pockets at the front and other 2 hidden mesh pockets at the sides. These pockets are easy to access and are fitted with Velcro closures to ensure items stay inside.

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They have durable long straps that fit large seats. The straps are fitted with adjustable, high-quality clips.

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