Best Auto Detailing Pressure Washer

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Best Auto Detailing Pressure WasherThere are different auto detailing pressure washers available in the market today. Some are gas-powered while others are electric models.

These cleaning products and tools usually help in eliminating stubborn grime, rust, slime and oil from cars, trucks and even boats.

In addition, you can also use the pressure washer for cleaning the driveway, patio furniture, sidewalks, fence and patios.

Just like auto-detailing vacuums, these pressure washers are well equipped with accessories that will blast away dead bugs, dust, mud from the surfaces even on tight spots such as the wheels.

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Most of these washers come with spray wands for easy access on hard-to-reach surfaces such as the undersides of the vehicle.

Here is a review of best-rated models available online.

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot Unit

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShotThis Simpson MSH3125-S is a gas-powered model powered by reliable 187cc HONDA GC190 engine. The unit comes with engine oil. The engine produces 3100 psi of pressure at 2.5 gallons per minute. This washer is constructed with welded steel and sports a heavy-gauge frame. It is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires for easier mobility. It comes with five quick connect nozzles and a siphon tube for detergent distribution.

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It also comes with a hose and spray gun/wand. It has a flexible, high pressure hose that is non-marring and abrasion resistant. The spray gun is ergonomic in design and has a safety lock-out feature. It comes with on-board storage for the accessories. The engine has a 2-year warranty. This unit is easy to set up and also easy to start.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Model

Sun Joe SPX3000 ModelThis Sun Joe SPX3000 is an electric model sporting a 14.5-amp/1800-watt motor. It generates a flow of 1.76 gallons per minute and a pressure of up to 2030 pounds per square inch (PSI). It has two removable detergent tanks. It features  detergent selection dial to allow you to switch the detergent off when rinsing or those times when you do not need the detergent. It comes with a long 34 inch extension spray wand for easy reach on the underside of your car. It comes with 5 different spray nozzles so that you can adjust the pressure output as you wish.

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It is fitted with rear wheels for easy maneuverability. Included is 20 feet high-pressure hose, garden hose adaptor and a 35 feet long power cord. It comes with total stop system feature for automatic start and stop. It is easy to assemble. It is well constructed, lightweight and provides a quiet operation. It is compact and easy to store. It comes with 2-year warranty. It is also cheaply prized.
Watch video below for a better illustration of how this Sun Joe washer works.

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Ivation Pressure Washer

Ivation Pressure WasherThis Ivation cleaning system is an electric model equipped with a 1,600-watt/14.5-amp motor. It produces water-pressure of up to 2200 pounds per square inch (PSI) and has a water flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute. It has an optional self suction feature which allows use of standing water especially when a garden hose is missing. It comes with a tap-adapter, a turbo wand, a spray wand, a gun hose that is copper connected, a power cord and five quick-connect interchangeable nozzles. One of the nozzles is a soap nozzle. It has an inbuilt soap dispenser.

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It is easy to operate and also compact in design. The power button is located at the front allowing for easy access. It also features an automatic total stop system. The handle and extra large wheels makes the unit stable and easy to move around. The power cord is 30 feet long and gives you a great range of movement. It has onboard compartments for storage of different tools and attachments.

Generac 196cc OHV Model

Generac 196cc OHV ModelThis Generac 196cc OHV is a gas-powered model. It produces pressure of 2800 PSI and water flow of up to 2.5 gallons per minute. It comes with inbuilt ¾-gallon tank for the detergent. It comes with a 25 feet PVC hose and four interchangeable nozzles. These nozzles change the pattern of the spray allowing you to make it more aggressive or less, depending on the job at hand. One of the nozzles is designed for soap distribution. It comes with 3-liter gas tank. The spray gun is ergonomic in design and has a trigger that is easy to pull and soft cushioned grip handle.

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It is fitted with large wheels. Its upright orientation makes it easy to move around. It comes with a 20-inch wand. The unit comes with powerful output and is also well- built. It has a sturdy base and comes with engine oil. This model has a 2 year limited warranty.

AR Blue Clean AR383 Unit

AR Blue Clean AR383 modelThis Blue Clean AR383 is an electric unit powered by a long lasting 13 Amp/1.5 HP induction motor. It produces pressure of 1900 PSI as well as water flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. It is made up of plastic, copper and aluminum material. It has total stop system feature to allow shutting off the pump when the trigger has not been engaged. It comes with quick connect nozzles.

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It comes with an adjustable jet nozzle, a 20 feet high pressure hose, a spray gun and a long 35-feet power cord. It also has attachable 14 oz. soap bottle and several spay heads and wands. A hose reel is also integrated in the unit. It is lightweight, portable, compact and inexpensive. It gives a quiet operation. It is designed with on-board storage for the multiple accessories. This washer weighs 28 pounds and has 1-year warranty.
See video below how this AR383 model works.

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