Best Car Interior Protectants For Leather, Vinyl & Fabric

best car auto interior protectantBest car auto interior protectants  helps in preserving the interior of your car, keeping it in good condition for a long period of time.

Some of these products are available as protectants only, while others usually come as a combination of the protectant and a cleaner.

These automotive protective agents usually protect surfaces such as the dashboard, doors, seats and the console from aging and from any contaminants. They protect against cracking, fading or drying that is often caused by ultraviolet rays, aging factors and environmental pollution.

Some of them contain long lasting UV blockers that help to shield surfaces from harmful ultraviolet effects. In addition, these products also repel dust and dirt to help keep the car clean. They rejuvenate and refresh the interior surfaces bringing their appearance to have a nice glow.

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These protectants are readily available to protect any material be it fabric, rubber, leather, plastic, vinyl or fiberglass. They come in different brands and composition.

Here are some of the best products available in the market.

Vinyl, Rubber And Plastic Products

The following products are designed for use on a wide range of rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces. They contain deep penetrating ingredients that recondition, maintain and restore appearance and the original color. They are also designed to be able to screen out damaging ultraviolet rays in order to prevent aging effect caused by sun rays.

They are available in trigger spray bottles that are easy use. They will lubricate and protect, leaving a rich natural sheen.

Meguiars Mirror Glaze Vinyl & Rubber ConditionerMeguiars Mirror Glaze Vinyl & Rubber ConditionerpriceMothers ProtectantMothers ProtectantpriceRubber Care StickRubber Care Stick price







Lexol Vinylex Protectant

Lexol Vinylex ProtectantThis Lexol Vinylex Protectant gently cleanses, conditions and also protects vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces. It contains ultraviolet sunscreen to protect against harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

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It gives a clean satin finish and leaves the interior looking as good as new. It does not contain unprocessed silicone oil. It is very easy to use and a little amount goes a long way. It doesn’t leave any greasy appearance or oily residue. To use it apply using a clean cotton cloth, allow it to penetrate for about 10 to 15 minutes and then burnish off the extra using a soft cotton clean cloth.

Fabric Automotive Interior Protector Products

The following top rated products will definitely clean and keep your interior well protected especially if you have cloth seats. Applying a protective product on the fabric helps to create an invisible shield that repels water and stains. This usually helps to prevent fabric from attracting dirt and absorbing odors. They also prevent spills from being absorbed immediately into the cloth, giving you enough time to get rid of the spillage. They will keep the interiors looking like new.

Chemical Guys Fabric GuardChemical Guys Fabric GuardpriceScotchgard Auto Interior Fabric Protector Scotchgard Auto Interior Fabric Protectorprice14 oz. RaggTopp Fabric Shield14 oz. RaggTopp Fabric Shieldprice








Leather Protector for Car Interior

If maintained properly, leather is usually very rich and durable. If neglected it becomes unappealing and cracked. Restore life and color of your leathered interior with one of these protectants. The following products will help to keep the material soft and supple without drying or cracking. The material will be able to resist stains, making it easier to clean in the future. Regular use of these products will add longevity to your expensive interior.

Nourish, restore and protect all the leathered surfaces especially the dashboard and the seats. Use these products to add shine and to rejuvenate surfaces.

Leather Care KitLeather Care KitpriceEuropean Leather Restorer European Restorer priceBooYah Clean! Interior DefenseBooYah Clean! Interior Defense price









Leather Nova Conditioner

Leather Nova ConditionerThis Nova Conditioner is a non-toxic and dye free product. It is also snow, water and rain repellent. It protects leathered surfaces and prevents against premature drying and cracking. It absorbs quickly without leaving any oily or greasy residue.

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It leaves the leather in a supple, soft and lustrous state with a new leather scent. It comes with a foam pad for a mess free and an easy application. You can also use it on vinyl surfaces. It will leave the dashboard looking new and shiny, without any sticky residue.


Leather Honey Conditioner

Leather Honey Leather ConditionerThis leather honey conditioner penetrates deeply into the leather’s fibers to rejuvenate, protect and also to prolong the life of all types of leather. It moisturizes, softens and also promotes flexibility. It is non-toxic, not sticky and non-solvent. It doesn’t leave any odor and does not contain silicone. It is rain, snow and water repellent. It also controls mildew.

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It leaves the leathered surfaces with a nice glow and a soft, clean feel without leaving any stickiness or oily residue. It should not be used on faux or suede type of leather. It is manufactured in the USA. It is very easy to apply using a sponge, paint brush or a lint-free cloth.

Keep your car interior in good shape right from the beginning rather than trying to save the seats or any other area when it has deteriorated.

Remember to test any new product on a discreet area before using on an entire area.

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