Best Car Window Shades For Baby

Best Car Window Shade For BabyBest car window shades for baby are designed to help protect kids from harmful UV rays that can negatively affect them. They are recommended for use by parents and guardians when driving together with their babies.

These side window shades help in blocking direct sunlight from getting in through the car windows. In addition, they also help in blocking the sun glare. Those that are a bit dark also provide some privacy.

They come in a variety of designs. Some are designed to easily cling on the windows while others have to be fitted with suction cups. Others come in a design that is easy to roll up and down.

Most of these baby-friendly shades feature animal and cartoon characters that are attractive to kids. Such shades usually assist in calming down cranky kids.

Here are some of the best available in the market today.

Giraffe Design by EZ-Bugz

Giraffe Design ShadeThis super-cute design features a giraffe cartoon picture that is super attractive to kids. It is simple to use and install. It is made of lightweight mesh fabric material. It works well and has an attractive neutral color. It is attached with suction cups. It sticks well in both warm and cold climate. One pack has two shades and each one of them comes with a pair of suction cups.

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It is simple to remove and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. one shade measures 17 inches by 14 inches. It fits in most windows. It’s see-through design doesn’t block the view. It folds nicely when not in use. It is simple to transfer from one car to another.

Enovoe Car Sunshade

Enovoe Car SunshadeThis Enovoe sunshade blocks over 97% of dangerous ultraviolet rays. It is made of mesh fabric with a transparent design to help maintain high visibility. It is lightweight with a dual layer design. On the front side is the mesh and the back has a static cling plastic-like material for easy attachment. It has a strong wire all around for adequate support and reinforcement of the shade.

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It twists and folds up well for compact storage. It is simple to remove without leaving any marks. An EBook on sun safety tips and a storage pouch is usually included with the purchase. There are two shades in a pack and each shade measures 19 inches by 12 inches.

EZ-Cling Britax Shield

Britax EZ-Cling Sun ShadesThis EZ-Cling Britax shield is designed to fit most of rear side windows. It is constructed with mesh lightweight fabric that has an ultraviolet protection factor of 30 and above. The mesh is fitted with a wire frame for better positioning. It has a special static cling design that allows for easy positioning.

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It is transparent and usually allows visibility for both the parent and the baby. It works perfectly well on tinted windows without causing any damage. It is very simple to remove and reposition depending on where the sun is facing. One pack has two of them and an instruction sheet. Each of the shade measures 12 inches by 19 inches.

Starlight And Sunny Sunshade

Starlight And Sunny SunshadeThis starlight and sunny sunshade has an easy stick design that is easy to reposition over and over. It perfectly fits most car, truck and van side windows. It offers clear visibility when one is driving. It comes in a sleek black design. It is a lightweight nylon mesh screen with sun protection factor of 30 and above.

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Suction cups are included for use when attaching the shades. Each shade measures 17-3/8 inches by 14-3/8 inches. A free Ebook and extra cups are included with the purchase. One pack has 2 shades.

Disney Car Sunshade

Disney Car SunshadeThis Disney sunshade comes in 2 packs. Both of them have different fun car designs. This durable mesh screen provides good quality shade coverage and has adjustable length. It also offers some privacy. It is easy to assemble and attach.

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It comes with suction cups and velcro for attaching on the window. Suction cups hold the shade very securely. It has a little retract button on the side that you can press in order for the shade to roll up automatically when not in use.

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