Best Weatherproof Clear Floor Mats For Cars

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Clear Floor Mats For CarsClear vinyl or rubber Weatherproof floor mats are designed to protect the floorboard of most cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

They help in trapping grime, spills and dirt. They also help in protecting original mats in your car.

Because of their waterproof qualities including their rugged construction, they also protect the floor from water, ice, snow and mud, especially on rainy days.

Just like other auto interior accessories, these floor-mats also enhance the interior look of the vehicle, keeping it dry and clean.

They come in a clear color and do not clash with any colored carpet or rugs already in the car. They will complement any vehicle color.

They are made of vinyl or rubber waterproof material that is easy to clean and maintain. Most of them have universal shape with trimmable edges so as to fit most type of vehicles.

Here are some of the best selling designs available online.

4-Piece Heavy Duty All Weather Protection Floor Mat

This clear 4-piece floor mats are made of rubber. They are thick, firm and protective.They are designed to fit most vehicles. They are easy to trim on the edges in order to fit the floor contours of your vehicle. At the bottom the mat has rubberized gripping ridges so that the mat stays in place, without sliding around. The top features ergonomic type of grooves in order to give your foot comfort and traction.

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The rear mat measures 18-inches by 16.5-inches while the front mat measures 27-inches by 18-inches. They are easy to install. They are durable and super strong.They are easy to clean in cold or hot water.

OxGord Universal Fit 3-Piece Mats

This OxGord mats come in a 3-piece set. They are ideal for cars, trucks and SUVs. They have a universal fit. These are heavy duty and ridged mats. These floor mats are made of sturdy rubber material. These mats are also stain and weather resistant. They are rugged, thick and durable. These floor-mats are non-skid and will remain in position without slipping or sliding away.

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These mats come with heavy-duty divots and ridges to clear mud from your shoes while keeping the spills or grit trapped in the mat. These mats shakes off the grit and mud easily. They are easy to maintain and clean. Each of the front mat measures 17.7-inch by 28.35-inch in size. The rear mat measures 60-inch by 17-inch in size. These mats are easy to trim to a perfect size. They are also well priced and will last for many seasons.

MotorTrend Premium High-Grade-Mats

MotorTrend Premium High Grade MatsThese Motor Trend non toxic mats are BPA free. They are flexible and durable. They are made of rubber Polymer non-toxic  material. They have small rubberized, nibbed needle spikes located underneath area to create traction and prevent them from sliding. They have deeper ridges that are designed to trap mud, dirt, gravel, and debris. They are thick, odorless and easy to clean.

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They come in an universal shape and are also easy to trim to fit in most floorboards. They are ideal for cars, SUVs, vans, pickups and trucks. They come as 4 pieces for rear and front placements. These mats do not bend or crack. They are also easier to clean. These are thick heavy-duty type of mats. Once installed, they do not slide around.

Heavy Duty 4 Mats

OxGord Heavy Duty MatsThese Heavy duty-mats have universal fit and are easy to install. They are non-skid ridged mats made from 100% durable rubber material. They are washable and provide all-weather protection. They are also stain resistant. They can be trimmed to fit different vehicles, trucks and SUVs. This set comes with four pieces. They normally stay in position without sliding away.

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They are fairly thick and their ridges are perfect for floorboard protection and traction. The divots and ridges in the mat helps to clear dirt and mud from your boots and shoes.  These mats are also a convenient way to change the look of your car. Perfect for all weather and all seasons.

Kraco Auto Floor-Mats

Kraco Auto Floor-MatsThese Kraco auto floor-mats  are durable and heavy-duty. They are made of vinyl material. They feature raised rib design and raised border for better protection. The edges can be cut to fit most vehicles. Their raised rib design channels out slush, dirt and snow into the raised border to keep the floorboard clean. They also do not skid or shift around.

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They are washable, and because of their clear color, they do not change the interior look of the vehicle.This design comes as a 4 piece set  for the front and rear area. They are ideal for all weather.

These floor-mats are uniquely designed.

Heavy Duty Winter Clear Floor Mats

These winter floor mats are designed for extreme mud, snow and rainy weather. These mats are durable and heavy-duty type of floor-mats. They are made of PVC with NBR material. They feature deep grooves that trap water, snow, dirt and debris. These mats are easy to handle and are flexible.

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They feature a thick extra rim around the edges for added protection and for trapping snow, dirt, sand and salt. The front mat measures 28.5 by 18.25-inch in size. They are easy to clean by vacuuming or deep cleaning with soapy water.

Majic Eko Mats

Majic Eko MatsThis Majic Eko mats sports a trimmable, universal shape designed to fit most SUVs, cars, trucks and vans. It features sturdy channel construction that holds snow, water, debris and dirt , while protecting your car interior. These Eko-mats are made of durable vinyl material.

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The backing of the mat features nibbed vinyl that prevents shifting and sliding. It is a four piece set. Each of the front pieces measure 19.5 by 27 inches in size while each of the rear pieces are 17.5 by 15.5 inches size. They are also a great choice when replacing worn-out mats or for protecting original ones.

2 piece Rubber Floor Mat

This premium clear floor mats come in a pack of two and are designed for the rear part.These mats have a universal size and have Rubberized Nib Backing

They are heavy duty rubber material.

These mats will stay in position without sliding.Each Mat measures 17.7-inch by 17.5-inch in size.

They are easy to clean with soap and water or by vacuuming.

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