Best Jump Starter With Air Compressor

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Best Jump Starter with Air CompressorA jump starter with air compressor will allow you to power up your weak or dead battery in seconds and also pump air into your car or bicycle tires.

These uniquely designed accessories are available in lightweight and compact design.

They provide a portable, convenient way to jump start the battery without using another car.

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These devices are a lifesaver and a must-have device to carry along when camping, picnicking or during an outdoor adventure.

In addition, most of them can be used as power banks especially those with USB charging feature as they will allow you to charge portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

In addition, some of them are fitted with ultra-bright LED flashlight to use when changing a tire, when inspecting an engine, or when you want to warn any oncoming traffic.

We Provide An In-Depth Review Of Top-Rated Models

Stanley J5C09 Model

Stanley J5C09 modelThis Stanley J5C09 model features 1000 peak amps and 500 amp of instant starting power. It has built-in 120 PSI air-compressor with a back-lit gauge. The compressor has a SureFit brass-tipped nozzle for safe connections. It also comes with a high-powered LED light which rotates at 270 degrees. It has a 12-volt DC outlet and USB power port for charging other devices. It has both charge and power indicator. It comes with a reverse polarity alarm that is both visual and audible to alert incase of inappropriate connection.

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The device has a rubber molded handle mounted at the top for easy grip. The included clamps are made of heavy duty metal and cables are Number 6 AWG. This unit weighs 18 pounds. This model jump starts a variety of vehicles including V8 engines.

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR Model

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR ModelThis Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR packs 425 Cranking Amps and 700 Peak Amps. It features Clore-Proformer battery technology which delivers extensive cranking power, high peak amps, durability and several jumps per charge. It has industrial-grade air-compressor with in-built air pressure gauge and a 12-feet hose with a screw on/ off chuck connector. This device has DC 12-volt outlet to charge other accessories.

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Included are hot jaw industrial grade clamps. It also comes with extra-long 68-inches heavy-duty cables. The integrated air-compressor is able to inflate 15 inch vehicle tire. This device recharges automatically using its in-built AC charger. It has an in-built charge monitor to help prevent overcharging. This model is solidly-built.

Wagan Power Dome 

Wagan Power Dome 400This Wagan Power Dome is packed with a 12V 18ah sealed lead-acid battery. It is able to provide 1000 peak cranking amps and in-built 300 watt inverter. It has 2 DC and 2 AC outlets to charge other devices. The integrated 260 PSI air-compressing unit has a built-in high-pressure air-hose and pressure gauge. The compressor is able to inflate a 16 inch tire in few minutes.

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The jumper connects to the car battery through heavy-duty clamps and industrial-grade number 6 cables. It is ideal for jump-starting both 4-cylinder engine as well as 6-cylinder engines. Other features include; charge level indicator, USB power port, 5 LED lights, reverse polarity indicator light, charging indicator and 40A blade fuse for protection of the device. Mounted at the top is rubber armored handle. This unit weighs 18 pounds.

HyperPS Kit

HyperPS ModelThis HyperPS kit is a multi-function unit. It comprises 20000mah battery with a peak current of 600A. The battery has low self-discharge and fast charging feature. The unit also has 150 PSI air-compressor unit with multiple tips for use when inflating tires, balls and other inflatables. It has USB cable with numerous connectors and functions as a power bank to charge your digital devices.

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Other features include in-built survival-hammer to shatter glasses, LED torch flashlight, emergency flashing lights and survival-blade to cut off seat belts and rope. It comes with a hard carrying compact case & jumper cable with sturdy battery clamps.

Brightech – Viper VPR2 Model

Brightech – Viper VPR2 ModelThis Brightech – Viper model is a 21 ounce external battery that is able to jump-start dead car-batteries, to pump air into tires, as well as recharging cell phones, laptops and tablets. It comes with a 15,000mAh – 500 Amp Peak long-lasting battery and 300 PSI air compressor. It has in-built LED flashlight. It also has LED light indicator to notify battery status.

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Included in the package is eight laptop adapters, a pair of mini-jumper clamps, USB cable, wall charger, 12V air compressor carport adapter, nozzle adapters, 20-inch hose, pressure gauge, 10-feet cord, and a carrying leather case. It is a portable device.

PowerStation PSX-3 Model

PowerStation PSX-3 modelThis PowerStation PSX-3 model features 18aH rechargeable battery, and a 160 PSI in-built air-compressor. It has USB port and a DC outlet. It functions as a 12 volt power source to recharge Smartphones, laptops and other devices.

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It also has LED flashlight for lighting up the surrounding. In addition, it also comes with 400 amp clamps , 6-AWG 32-inch industrial cables, 28-inch compressor hose, and power cord.

Dans Auto Multi-Functional Starter Kit

Jump-Starter KitThis Jump-Starter Kit has a rating of 11,000 mAh and 400 amp peak current with12V output. It is ideal for petrol/gas engines up to 4 L and diesel powered vehicles up to 3L. The kit comprises an external battery, heavy-duty jumper clamps, Air Compressor, 15V car adapter, charging base and a 15V adapter.

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On board, it has 12V DC output port and 2.1A USB port. It recharges your electronics too as it has in-built- special circuit protection against overvoltage, short-circuits, and overcharging. It is also packed with a LED flashlight and a compass.