Best Lumbar Support Back Pillow For Car Seat

Lumbar Pillow For Car SeatLumbar back pillows for use on car seats usually provide adequate support and relief at the sacral and lumbar region.

These cushions are ideal for long road trips and regular car trips.

Adequate lumbar support helps to ease lower back pain and also reduces slouching.

Tightness or pressure at the lower back is usually one of the symptoms experienced by those who sit and ride on those car-seats that do not provide adequate support at the lumbar area.

Use of properly designed cushions helps in supporting the vertebral disk, providing relief on the spinal column and also helps in relaxation of back muscles.

Most of these lumbar-cushions have a contoured design that hugs the lower back, keeping the spine in good alignment and helps to maintain the perfect posture even when driving. This helps the user to remain comfortable, refreshed and relaxed while seated and when they get up from the seat.

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These cushions have adjustable durable straps that help to keep them in position. Most of them come in lightweight, compact sizes that are easy to carry around. They can also be used on office chairs.

Here Are Some Of The Best Rated Designs

Everlasting Comfort Back Cushion

This back cushion is made of pure memory foam without any additives. It has a curved design. The left and right sides are designed to curve out supporting the lumbar area. It comes with 2 straps with removable extenders. The straps are sturdy and firm. These straps are long, adjustable and easily fit around the vehicle seat or any airplane seat. You can also use the cushion on your dining chair, desk chair or couch.

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You can use the cushion to support your upper, middle or lower back. This cushion is comfortable and very supportive. The cover is made of mesh material. This cover is breathable and hypoallergenic. The cover is removable and machine washable. This cushion measures 4.1-inches in thickness and14-inch wide by 13 inches in height. It weighs about 1 pound.

Ziraki Memory Foam Cushion

This Ziraki Lumbar Cushion features molded type of memory foam. This cushion is curved aat the center so as to support the natural arc of your back. It comes with an extra-long, adjustable elastic belt for a secure fit around the seat. This cushion has a velvet grey cover that feels nice to touch. The cover has a zipper and is removable.

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This cushion has an in-built carry handle. The cushion measures 12-inch by 12-inch in size. It is about 4-inch thick. This is a balanced cushion neither too firm nor too soft. It helps to soothe and protect your back, while supporting your posture.

It is lightweight and portable. It comes with a carry bag.

Love Home Support Cushion

Love Home Support CushionThis Love Home support cushion is made of high-quality memory foam. It has a breathable mesh cover. This cover is fitted with a zipper. The cushion is easily adjustable to fit any preferred position for maximum support. It is not too soft but is firm enough. It comes in a wide range of color options including black, dark-blue, camel, coffee, gray, rose-red, among others. It contours to the body so as to maintain the perfect posture. The cushion is designed to extend upwards from the base of the spine to the lower – midpoint at the back. The sides are thicker to give more support to the lumbar area. The cover is removable, breathable and machine washable.

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It can also be used at the base of the seat as a height raiser for better visibility while in the car. The strap comes as an elasticized belt. It is odor-free and comfortable to use. It measures 13.4 by 12.6 by 4.1-inches in size.

Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac Pillow

Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac PillowThis Duro-Med pillow features highly-resilient, molded foam. It has an additional stiff insert on one side – that is a piece of hard cardboard for increased support and to provide a secure surface for the foam to push against. It has an orthopedic design that helps to relieve tension. The curved edges usually help to keep the posture in check. The cushion has a convenient elastic band at the back that expands around the seat to hold the cushion in position. It has a cover that is washable and removable.

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It comes in gray, navy, burgundy and black colors. It is 13 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 14 inches tall. It provides great spine alignment. This cushion is supportive and comfortable.

Simple Posture Backguard Cushion

Backguard CushionThis Backguard cushion is designed to provide back support and fast relief from lower back pain. It has memory foam that is adequately firm to provide support but also comfortable to use. The cushion is very soft but incredibly supportive. The sides are slightly raised and the inner mid area is curved to support the back. It does not have any toxic chemical smell. The exterior cover is a breathable mesh fabric that allows air to circulate. It has a great balance between firmness and softness.

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It comes with an adjustable elastic strap at the back that helps to keep it in position. It molds to the shape of your body and it helps you to sit upright without slouching over. It is compact in size and easy to carry along. It is 15.5-inch wide and 13 inches high.  It is about 3-inches thick at the middle.

Desk Jockey Therapeutic Cushion

This Desk Jockey Therapeutic Cushion has a contoured shape designed to support your lower back. It is made of 100 percent 100% polyurethane memory foam and does not have any chemical odor. It comes with a buckle to secure the cushion around the seat. The strap is adjustable and elastic. In addition it comes with an extension strap for use on wider seats. It is available in two sizes depending on the firmness levels. One is firm while the other one is firmer. The cover is a soft velour fabric. This cover is made of 100 percent Polyester. This cover is removable and machine washable.

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The cushion has a non-slip, stable, grip base. This stable base keeps the cushion from sliding especially when in use. This cushion measures 13-inch wide by 12-inch high by 4-inches thick. This pillow is light and weighs 2 pounds. It comes with a travel and storage bag.

Dreamer Car Lumbar-Cushion

This Dreamer Car Lumbar Cushion features an orthopedic design to help in relieving back pain. It features high-density memory foam. The memory foam is odor-free and slow rebound. The cushion is soft, supportive and comfortable. It comes with two fabric covers. The removable outer cover is breathable and washable. The inner cotton cover is non-removable but washable.

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It comes with two extendable straps that keep the cushion in position. It has an upper strap designed to easily slip over the headrest. It stays in position without slipping or falling down. It is very easy to move from one seat to another. It is available in different colors. This cushion is 20.1-inches tall, 15.9-inches wide and 4.9-inches thick. This is an ideal accessory for road trips and long flights. This cushion weighs 1.9 pounds.

Therm-A-Rest Inflatable Pillow

Therm-A-Rest Inflatable PillowThis self-inflating pillow is fitted with die-cut foam and has a polyester cover. It is easy to inflate quickly and fully, allowing easy and quick adjustment, using only one hand. It self-inflates automatically when you open the valve. Once inflated, it retains the desired level indefinitely. When fully inflated it measures 18 inches by 9 inches . It is 2 inches thick when fully inflated. You can easily choose the support level by adjusting the amount of air in order to have it  hard or soft.

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The valve is made of plastic material. The outer cover is made of Polyester material and is easy to clean with soap and water. It is available in nautical blue and eggplant colors. It is also easy to deflate and when not in use, it is very compact and thus convenient to carry or stash away. It is made in the USA.

Aeris Back Support Pillow

Aeris Lumbar Support PillowThis Aeris back support pillow is packed with high quality memory foam. It is 14 inches wide and 15 inches tall. It has a stretchable rubber strap with a closure at the back to attach to a chair. The strap is 18.5 inches long. The cover is made of a luxury plush velour material that is 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

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This pillow is easy to keep clean as the cover is machine washable and has a zipper enclosure. It is available in a variety of colors. It is ergonomically designed to snuggle the lumbar section and support your back. It is firm, comfortable and very supportive. It is also easy to attach on the seat.

Use one of these cushions to relieve any strain or stress at the lower back region by keeping your spine in correct alignment.

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