Best Snow Brooms For Cars

Best Snow Broom For CarsSnow brooms for cars are uniquely designed to do the job without scratching the car or damaging the finish.

Most of these brooms have a long handle and a head made of foam material or soft bristles.

Some of them are fitted with ice scraping blades to remove heavy frost and ice buildup especially on the windows.

These brooms are a great time saver as they are a very fast and easy way to clear the snow. You can also make use of covers that will protect most of the car areas from any buildup of stubborn snow.

They come in different sizes, designs and colors.

It is important to clear the frost on every car part be it on the doors, roof, windshield, the trunk or the mirrors in order to ensure safety, functionality and comfort.

Most of these brooms have telescoping handles that do extend for easy cleaning on hard to reach areas and can also be shortened to be used on close reach areas. These extending handles are also very easy on posture and also clear large amounts of snow with minimal effort. In addition, they can also be compacted for easy storage.

Here Are Some of The Best Rated Designs.

Sno Brum

Sno BrumThis Sno Brum is ideal for clearing snow from minivans and sport utility vehicles. Its head is made of high grade molded foam. The head is non-abrasive and doesn’t leave any scuff marks on the car. It also doesn’t scratch the car’s paint. The head measures 17-inch by 6-inches. The wide head helps to remove huge sections of snow with much ease and in a quick manner. When not in use, it allows for compact packaging and storage. It has a telescoping type of handle which usually extends from 27 inches to 46 inches.

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This handle is made of powder-coated steel and also has unique cold-resistant nylon threads. The telescoping handle allows for ease of use.

Hopkins Super Extender Broom

Hopkins Super Extender BroomThis Hopkins snowbroom can be used on SUVs, vans and trucks. It’s fairly light weight yet heavy enough to be able to clear the snow effortlessly. The broom head has a rubber squeegee blade and a brush. The rubber squeegee comes in handy to remove hard to push, wet and heavy snow. The brush is wide enough and its horizontal design usually allow for pushing motion that is effective in removing the snow. The bristles are soft and doesn’t damage the car finish.It also has an ice scraper on one end of the broom.

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It has an extender handle made of steel material. The handle has a soft cushion grip and usually extends up to 52 inches to reach across windshield and the roof of tall cars. The handle locks well and stays in place.

Snow Joe Broom with Ice Scraper

Snow Joe Broom with Ice ScraperThis Snow Joe broom has an in-built ice scraper to help in removing ice from the windows and windshield. The broom features a large foam head with no sharp edges. The head is 6.5 inches wide and 16.5 inches long. It is easy to use and does not destroy the paint. The handle comes as an auto-locking pole that easily extends from 30-inches to 49-inches long. The broom is lightweight but it is able to quickly push away wet heavy snow with less effort. You can unscrew the scraper and use it separately especially on close reach areas.

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When dissembled, it usually gets back to a compact size that is easy to store in the car. It is available in black and blue colors.

Check the video below for a better illustration of this Snow Joe broom.

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Snow-Brush with Foam Grip

Snow Brush with Foam GripThis snow-brush has thick, soft bristles that make it easy to clear ice and snow. The soft bristles do not damage the paint. It also has a 3-inch wide unbreakable plastic scraping blade at one end. It is easy and comfortable to use. The handle is curved with nice, heavy foam, comfy grip. It is 26 inches long.

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It is made in the USA. It is lightweight and very easy to store. It comes in varied colors and is ideal for removing light frost.

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