Best Vacuum for Car/Auto Detailing

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Best Vacuum for CarAuto DetailingVacuums for auto detailing are handy accessories for cars, SUVs, vans and even light trucks.

These cleaning accessories and products are perfect for both interior and exterior care of your car whether at home or when on the go.

These auto-detailing units usually tackle both light and heavy messes in order to keep the vehicle clean on a regular basis, reducing maintenance cost. 

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Most of these vacuums come with a variety of attachments to handle different tasks. You can use the units to vacuum dirt and dust from the upholstery, console, carpet and dashboard.

Here is a review of best-rated Models

Black & Decker PAD1200 Model

Black & Decker PAD1200 ModelThe Black & Decker PAD1200 model is a dry bagless 12V vac. It is compact, lightweight, portable and convenient to use. It features cyclonic action and is rated 11.5 Air Watts. You use the car cigarette lighter to power this model. Its 12-Volt DC plug has extremely long cord measuring about 16 feet which makes it easier to vacuum the whole car without any hassle. This unit comes with a flexible 4 feet hose for extended reach on tight spaces and high places.

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It also comes with a narrow crevice tool and a flip-tip brush located on the nozzle. This flip-open brush is ideal for detailing the center console and vents.  It comes with a washable-reusable filter. This unit cleans quickly, efficiently and quietly. It comes with a handy carry bag.This unit has a two year warranty. It is lightweight, portable and a convenient unit for those who are on the go most of the time.

ArmorAll AA255 Wet/Dry Vacuum

ArmorAll AA255 ModelThis ArmorAll AA255 Model is a bagged wet/dry vac. It sports a strong 2-horsepower motor to provide adequate suction power. It is designed to perform both dry and wet cleanups. It picks up both wet and dry debris. Its storage tank has a capacity of 2.5 gallon. It comes with a blower for cleaning and drying car grills and wheels. It features in-built noise and air diffuser for minimizing volume.

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It comes with a 6 feet hose and a 10 foot cord. The hose is 1.25-inch in diameter. It also comes with a reusable-washable cloth filter. Other tools include 2-in-1 utility nozzle, a crevice tool, deluxe car nozzle and detail brush. It has onboard storage for accessories. It also comes with handle at the top for easy portability. It is designed to plug on a regular power outlet.

Metropolitan Vac ‘N’ Blo Unit

Metropolitan Vac 'N' Blo UnitThis Metropolitan Vac ‘N’ Blo Unit is a bagged unit with both blower and vacuum capabilities. It is corded and constructed with solid steel. It features a 4.0 peak horsepower motor for efficiency and power. It comes with a re-usable filter bag. It comes with carpet/floor tool for cleaning the vehicle’s upholstery and carpet. It has a blower nozzle for drying your car preventing streaks.

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Other attachments include a crevice tool, Pik-all nozzle, a dusting brush, inflator adapter and a 4-piece micro cleaning tool-kit. It has a flexible hose that is 6 feet long. It also comes with two extension wands each 20 inch long. In addition, you can use this unit to inflate air-mattresses and to remove dirt or dust off appliances, computer components and stereo equipment. It has a shoulder strap for easy carrying of the unit. This unit is small in size and portable. It is manufactured in the USA.

Carrand 94005AS Model

Carrand 94005AS ModelThis Carrand 94005AS model is a bagless, handheld vac with powerful suction. It is designed for dry vacuuming and picks up pet hair very well. It features 550 watts of cleaning power. It is a corded 120-volt design. It comes with a 40-inch flexible hose and a 360-degree pivoting elbow providing easier access to tight spots in the car.This unit plugs into a regular outlet.

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It also comes with 12 feet power cord. Other accessories and tools include a crevice tool, dash brush tool, and upholstery/carpet tool. The unit has on-board storage for the tools so that they are conveniently within reach. This unit is lightweight and the in-built handle makes it easy to carry around. The on/off switch is also easily accessible. It also comes with reusable collection basket. This Auto-Vac is compact and portable.

Black & Decker PAV1200W Handheld Vacuum

Black & Decker PAV1200WThis Black & Decker PAV1200W is a 12 volt handheld bagless vacuum with powerful cyclonic action to provide constant suction power. It features a thin pivoting nozzle and on and off fingertip controls. The pivoting nozzle allows for easier access on hard-to-reach surfaces especially under the seats and for easier vacuuming from any angle. The unit has 3-stage filtration process. It comes with a pre-filter made of plastic material and a PVF100 dishwasher-safe filter.The dirt canister is easy to empty.

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The power cord is 16 feet long. Other accessories include a flexible hose, a crevice tool and upholstery brush. The unit folds into half for compact storage. It also has a cord wrapping tool to keep the cord tidy and neat. A storage bag is also included. It plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car, giving you the convenience to use it at any time. This unit is easy to handle, operate and also ultra-light.

Vacmaster VWM510 Model

Vacmaster VWM510 Wall Mount VacuumThis Vacmaster VWM510 Model is a bagless wet/dry vac with blower function. It is a wall-mounted unit powered by two-stage, 5-horsepower motor to deliver more suction power. It can be detached from the wall for portable cleaning. It has a washable cartridge filter. The storage tank has a capacity of 5 gallons. This unit operates quietly.

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This unit comes with a number of attachments including a 21 foot hose, two extension wands, air/noise diffuser, car nozzle, round dusting brush, crevice tool and combo floor nozzle with brush. The power cord is 20 feet long. It has on and off switch located at the handle. The switch is remote-controlled. There is on-board storage for the accessories and attachments.