Car Window Cover For Snow

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A car window cover that protects your automotive from snow and ice makes life much easier especially if you have to park outside during the nasty winter season.

Your windows will always be clear and ready to go.

Snow usually slides right off from the covering and you don’t have to spend much time brushing or scraping ice off the car using snow brooms or ice scrapers.

These covers are made with safe non-abrasive material that does not scratch or scuff the car paint. They are also waterproof and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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They are very easy to affix on the car and some of them have magnetic edges that usually help keep in position. It is also a breeze to remove them, shake the frost off and fold them again.

Some of the covers are designed to fit only the windshield only while others are large enough to provide coverage on the roof, rear and front windshield including all the side windows.

We review some of the top rated designs.

Full Size Universal Fit Design

Full Size Car CoverThis full size universal fit design is ideal for use on every season. It helps to repel snow and rain. In addition, it also protects against harmful UV rays. It comes in a variety of sizes that will fit sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs crossovers/wagons, pickups, and jeeps. The cover is a thick, 3 triple-layer polypropylene fabric material that is soft and non-scratch.

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It has a zipper that allows you to access the driver’s door without removing the whole cover. The zipper has been protected from coming into contact with the car in order to avoid scratches. An elastic hem at the bottom corners helps to keep it in place. It also comes with non-scratch rope and tie-down grommets to keep it firmly in position. It comes with a storage bag included.

JH Smith Windshield Cover

JH Smith Windshield CoverThis JH Smith cover fits tightly over the front windshield and the wiper area. It fits most SUVs, trucks and cars. It is waterproof and measures 48 inches by 60 inches. It is made of polyester material which dries extremely quickly. It is black in color.It easily folds up in a small sze for easy storage on its own storage pouch.

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It has 4 magnets across the top to hold it to the roof and 4 others across the bottom. These magnets are enclosed in the material and do not scratch the vehicle. It has 12 side flaps around the sides. These flaps are long enough to be tucked inside the two front doors in order to hold it in place. There are suction cups on the inside of each side flap to keep it on the inside when the door is shut.

Delk Frost Guard

Delk Frost GuardThis Delk frost guard is made of water-resistant polyester material. It is black in color. It covers the windshield and the wipers. This guard is usually secured by elastic side straps that go around the mirrors. It is thick, durable and well made. It comes with a storage pouch.It comes in different sizes and the standard size fits most cars and measures 61-inches by 32 inches when fully extended.

The extra-large size measures 70-inches by 39-inches when fully extended. The extra-large size is designed to fit large vans, work vehicles and trucks.

Exlight Trading Cover

Exlight Trading CoverThis Exlight Trading cover is silver in color. It has a cotton inner lining, and polyester, outer waterproof material. It has 4 elastic tie-down clips that are fixed on car wheels to securely attach it. This is an extra large size that fits a variety of vehicles.

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It protects the wipers too when there are wrapped and the wipers also help to hold it so that it is not blown away by the wind. It also covers the rearview mirrors perfectly. Each pack comes with one piece and a storage pouch.

Leader Accessories Xguard Cover

Leader Accessories Xguard CoverThis Xguard cover is made of water resistant, soft fabric that doesn’t make scratches on the car. It is available in a variety of sizes and you have to choose a length that is appropriate for your vehicle. It protects against snow, rain, dirt, heat and dust.

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It has an elastic strap all the way around the edge to keep it from blowing off in the wind. It is easy to use and comes with a storage bag included.

These covers come in handy and are a great time-saver.They help in saving time that could have been spent defrosting the car windows. They also deter break-ins and theft by keeping personal items out of sight. In addition,they also help to keep leaves and debris off the windows.

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