Category: Accessories

Spare Tire Cover For CampersThese spare tire covers for campers help in protecting tires against rain, dirt, corrosion and bird droppings.

In addition, they also protect against harmful UV rays. This helps to reduce any premature damage or degrading of the tire.

Just like seat covers, these accessories are an inexpensive and simple way to sharpen up the image of your recreational vehicle and to keep your extra-tire in a clean and dry state.

Polka Dot Car Seat CoversThese polka dot universal fit car seat covers are cute and great way to refresh the interior of any vehicle.

Just like any other seat cover, these covers usually protect car-seats against dirt, daily wear and spills.

They also protect against pet hair, fading and also hide any existing damage.

They  come with matching accessories such as steering-wheel covers and floor mats.

Cargo luggage carriers for Cars and SUVsCargo luggage carrier for Cars and SUVs are space saving solution ideal for use when travelling or when transporting equipment or other bulky luggage that may not fit in a car trunk.

They help in adding storage space to any vehicle.

They are designed to fit various types of vehicles ranging from Sedans, SUVs, vans and trucks. The size of a carrier bag should be relative to the roof area, but there are others that can be adjusted into variable sizes.

Lumbar Pillow For Car SeatLumbar back pillows for use on car seats usually provide adequate support and relief at the sacral and lumbar region.

These cushions are ideal for long road trips and regular car trips.

Adequate lumbar support helps to ease lower back pain and also reduces slouching.

Automobile sun visor extension for carsAutomobile sun visor extensions for cars are designed to help extend the area that the ordinary visor cannot reach or handle.

These extensions are a life saver and usually increase driver’s comfort and safety. They also help in preventing traffic accidents.

They are so strategically located that they usually block the sunrays from blinding your eyes either from the side window or from the front windshield area.

They usually act as sunshades providing maximum UV protection and also allowing you to stop squinting or straining your eyes so as to be safe while driving.