Cheap Universal Car Seat Covers

Cheap Universal Car Seat CoversCheap universal car seat covers are an inexpensive way to help protect and prolong your original car seat upholstery.

They normally keep your car interior looking clean and neat.

These covers protect your seats against pet hair, general stains, nasty odor, fading and deep seated dirt that may be hard to remove.

These covers are a convenient way to save up on costly cleaning and maintenance costs.

Some of them usually come as complete sets with matching steering wheelcovers and floor mats.

When choosing the best design to use on your vehicle, the most important aspect to take into consideration is their specifications as compared to the car seat specifications. They should be able to fit snugly on the seats for a comfortable ride and a neat look.

Other features such as head rests or arm rests, should also be taken into consideration. Provisions for these features should also be inherent with the cover design for it to fit well. Color and design should also complement the overall design of the interior.

They should be made of breathable, non-abrasive and washable material. Material used should be well ventilated to prevent sweating and sticking.

Here are some of the best cheap designs.

Bell Automotive Universal Bucket Seat-Cover

Bell Automotive Universal Bucket Seat-CoverThis universal Baja Blanket has been designed to fit regular bucket seats.  It is beautifully designed with an intricate South Western weave pattern. The weaving is tight and smooth but not itchy. It protects your seats from daily wear and tear. It is designed to fit seats with adjustable or built-in headrests. It is a one piece that fits snugly over the headrest.

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It made of premium saddle blanket material that keep the seats cool during summer and warm during winter. Plastic hooks and elastic straps are conveniently integrated at the bottom of the cover to help it stay in place. The material is also washable. The cover has a stretchy jersey lining material at the back that covers the rear part of the seat. Each package comes with one cover.

17pc OxGord Set

17pc OxGord SetThis 17pc OxGord design offers a complete set with protective accessories of adjustable fit ideal for most models. The set consists of 17 pieces that includes two bucket-seat-covers, one bench-seat-cover, five headrest-covers, four seatbelt protectors, a steering wheel-cover and a mesh cloth. Made from durable high quality breathable mesh fabric that is washable. The fabric is light, flexible, but strong.

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Rear bench-cover is designed with back rest zippers that allow you to adjust the width depending on the car model. Easy to install with S-Hooks that are included in the set so as to secure them in place. The sides come in black color. Available in different colors and patterns. Instruction on how to install are also included.

FH Classic Cloth Covers

FH Classic Cloth CoversFH Classic Cloth Covers feature two-toned color design. Each package has a four piece set that includes 2 front-seat-covers and 2 rear seat covers. Provides an elegant look that complements most car interior with different color combination. Made of quality polyester fabric with mesh outer cloth that is breathable, not hot and comfortable to use.

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They are well made and come with instructions on how to install. They have tie down straps that are easy to use and usually hold the covers in place. Available in a variety of colors.

FH Flat Cloth Covers

FH Flat Cloth CoversThis Flat Cloth covers come in elegant colors and protect seats from spills, stains, dirt, and general wear and tear. Package consists of two front bucket-covers, four headrest-covers, and one rear bench cover including one backrest cover. They are built of polyester stretchable fabric. Padded inner layer adds comfort and prevents deep seated dirt from accumulating in seat upholstery. The outermost layer is mesh breathable fabric. This cloth-cover is breathable and washable.

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It comes with S-hooks and Velcro straps that offer convenient and easy installation. Also available in various colors. This model is ideal for vehicles with detachable headrests.

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