Ice Scraper For Driveway

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Ice Scraper For DrivewayAn ice scraper for use on the driveway usually helps to break thick ice and then scrape it off.

It is one of the tools to help keep the driveway clear of snow and ice during the winter.

It is also ideal for scraping ice on the steps and sidewalks.

A driveway that is full of ice is usually slippery and can cause tumbles and falls that might lead to serious injuries. In addition, it is an eyesore and also an obstruction, which makes it very difficult to drive heavy type of vehicles up into or out of the garage door/parking lot, especially on a steep icy-driveway.

While it is very important to clear driveways, it is also equally important to ensure that any snow covering your car has also been removed using special snowbrooms.

Most of the scrapers have a heavy-duty design without being inappropriately heavy. Most of them come with heavy metal blade that is sharp and wide enough to do the scraping and to break through the ice with minimal effort.

The blade is usually mounted on a smooth wooden or metal handle with an ergonomically grip design that is easy and safe to work with. Most of them have a D-grip handle design known to give great control and lifting leverage to your forward hand.

Here Are Some of The Best Models.

Bully Scraping Tool

Bully Scraping ToolThis Bully scraping tool is constructed with durable 11-gauge steel material. The blade is constructed with carbon steel and measures 6 inch by 7 inch. The thick blade has a wide square shape which works well when breaking up any ice build up.

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The shaft is also constructed with steel and is 50 inches long. The heavy-duty handle has a comfortable grip design for greater leverage. This is a USA-built model. The overall length of the tool is 57.25  inches.

Suncast Scraping Tool

Suncast Scraping ToolThis Suncast scraping tool has a blade constructed with tempered galvanized-steel material. The blade is 8-inches wide and comes in a graphite gray color. The handle is 1.25-inch in diameter and comes with a D-grip design. The section that holds the handle and the blade has a heavy-duty polymer cover. The scraper has an overall length of 56 inches.

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The shaft is made of steel material. The steel shaft is light enough to handle and gives the required weight to break through the ice with less effort. It is a heavy, durable model that easily performs the job. It is manufactured in the USA.

True American Long Handled Tool

True American Long Handled ToolThis True American tool is a heavy-duty model. The blade has been constructed with heavy gauge steel material that doesn’t distort or bend even after rigorous use. The blade has a width of 7 inches and in 9 inches long.

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The handle is 54 inches long and is forged around the steel bottom to avoid breakage. The shaft is made of wooden material and has a handle with a D-grip design. It can also be used for other purposes in the home.

Garant Scraper With Wooden Handle

Garant ScraperThis Garant scraper has a wooden handle design. The Heavy-duty steel blade measures about 4-inches. The wooden handle is long , lightweight and is polished to ensure durability and strength.

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This tool has a forged design where an extension of the steel blade extends into the wooden shaft.

This makes it more durable comfortable and also very efficient.

This is a durable and heavy duty scraper.

The handle has an ergonomic grip design.

Garant Nordic Model

Garant Nordic ModelThis Garant Nordic Model is light weight and easy to use. It breaks up icy patches with minimal force. The blade is made of tempered and stamped-type of steel and is 7 inches wide.

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This model features a grey, ash profiled handle. The handle is moisture-resistant and measures 48 inches long.

These scraping tools can also be used to carry out other activities such as scraping paint and removing mud, floor tiles, dirt and even roofing siding.

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