Mickey And Minnie Mouse Steering Wheel Covers

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Mickey Mouse CoverMinnie and Mickey mouse steering wheel covers usually give character to your car interior while protecting the original wheel, making it durable.

They are preferred by both female and male.

These characters are appealing to the eye and do add a lot of style to your interior.

For your interior car decor to be complete, it is important to match your steering-wheel with the rest of the car interior including seat covers and floor mats.

These are funky and fun accessories and great for Disney lovers .They are also a great gift ideal for many. They aid in making the wheel easier to grip, providing a comfortable driving experience.

They also help in eliminating tough rubber odor associated with steering-wheel covers.

These covers are available at different prices for ranging from $9 to $40. They are built with varied material including vinyl, terrycloth, leather or wool. Most of them are designed in a way that is easy to slip or stretch the cover on the wheel.

Here are some of available designs.

Disney Baby Minnie Cover

Disney Baby Minnie CoverThis adorable Disney Baby Minnie cover is designed to fit small to medium sized cars with steering that is 37 to 39 cm wide. It protects driver’s hands from sudden temperature changes. It is ideal for female drivers.

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It has a raised design that improves the grip of the steering-wheel. It has stitched Minnie words and also has red silicone Minnie silhouettes.

Plasticolor Mickey-Mouse Cover

Plasticolor Mickey-Mouse CoverIf you are a huge mickey-mouse fan, then this Plasticolor cover is a must buy to show off your preferred character in a stylish manner. It fits steering wheels that are 14.5 to 15.5 inches wide. It provides comfort from excessive temperatures.

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It is soft in design and adds cushion to the wheel for improved grip so that your hands don’t slip while you are driving.

It is durable, doesn’t fade and is also easy to clean.

Mickey-Mouse Vintage Cover

Mickey-Mouse Vintage CoverThis Mickey-Mouse vintage cover is made with heavy textured vinyl.

It fits steering-wheels that are 14.5 to15.5 inches. It is ideal for cars, boats and trucks.

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It is easy to install as it slips over the wheel in seconds.

It ensures a no-slip, firm grip in different temperatures.

Disney Minnie Mouse cover

This particular Minnie Mouse cover is durable and has molded in colors that does not fade or discolor. It helps to eradicate tough rubber odor that comes with new steering-wheel covers.

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It provides a snug fit that doesn’t slip when in use. It features soft leather-like material on the non character areas and rubbery material around the characters. The texture of the material offers firm grip and is comfortable.

When choosing a great cover, ensure that it has been designed to offer solid grip. Check the design pattern if it is fit to be use for a comfortable ride.

The size should fit properly without slipping off or without splitting that may be caused by excessive stretching. It is important to check whether the model and year of the vehicle matches with the size.

Ensure that your preferred design is easy to install. Choose a color that matches with your interior. Lastly, choose material that will be comfortable on your hands, no matter the season of the year.