Paper Floor Mats For Cars

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Paper Floor Mats For CarsPaper floor mats for use on cars are disposable mats that help protect interior carpet and floor from stains and dirt. These mats are often used by car dealers, automotive shops, service centre, car wash, and may even be used by individuals.

These floor mats come in different designs and sizes. The standard size is at 22 by 17 inches which fits perfectly in sedans, SUVs  and trucks.

Smaller mats that are 19 by 14 inches in dimension are also available ideal for compact cars. They are often sold in boxes or rolls of either 250 sheets or 500 sheets.

When choosing mats for business or personal vehicle use, features to look into are, size, paper quality, and design. Size would be relative to the type of vehicle.

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Paper quality should be durable and tough enough to resist chemicals that are used in car service procedures and maintenance. It should have water-proof qualities, and the material should be able to catch dirt and leaks.

Some of them are made of recycled paper-material. Other designs are also customizable with printed customized messages while others use photo paper.

3M Interior Automotive Floor-Mat

3M Interior Automotive Floor-MatThese automotive 3M mats are designed to protect vehicle interior, more specifically the carpet and flooring during maintenance care and repair. This model has a non-slip feature that allows it to adhere to existing carpet in order to keep it in place ensuring the covered area is well protected. The paper is absorbent and thick. They are durable even when used with wet boots.

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Each measures 22 by 17 inches which is an ideal size to cover carpet-areas for sedans and even large enough to cover SUVs and trucks. They are environment friendly and are made with recycled landfill-diverted paper. Each of them bears the 3M brand seal of quality. They are made in USA.

Floor-Mate Plastic Coated-Mats

Floor-Mate Plastic Coated-MatsThese Floor-Mate mats are ideal for automotive shops and vehicle service shops. They are plastic coated and therefore resistant to water, oil, grease, dirt and chemicals.They have an easy throw and go design that allows you to protect vehicle floorings and car carpets from stains, leaks, and wear and tear in a matter of seconds.

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They are sold in packages of 500 sheets but you can also access a 250 sheet pack here, each disposable sheet measures 17 by 22 inches. Each disposable floor-mat includes a custom message in black ink.
Imagemat Footprint Mat

Imagemat Footprint MatImagemat Footprint Mats are a cost efficient and convenient way to show your customers that you care. Each paper mat is designed with a set of footprints and custom message thanking the customer for availing their car to your automotive shop service. Each sheet measures 22 by 17 inches.
They are handy to protect car-floor from dirt and water during rainy season or winter season.

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They are durable, well priced and easy to use. These disposable sheets are easy to use and stays in place so it’s even safe to use during travel. They are sold in boxes of 500 sheets. Manufactured in the USA.

Padded Mat

Padded Paper Floor MatThis padded mat features awesome material with great print message for automotive centres, car shops, car wash centres, auto dealers and distributors. The prints have been done with blue ink.Each of the sheet measures 17 by 17 inches. Made with padded material that’s tough enough to resist leaks, stains, and dirt. Each of them has a hole drilled in left upper corner that can be used for hanging.

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Ideal for personal vehicle use to prolong the quality of the carpet and protect it from daily wear and tear that may be brought about by foot traffic. Each pack contains 100 sheets.

Moyishi Recycled Paper Mats

This Moyishi Paper Mats will protect and keep your car carpet in a clean state.

They are disposable, recycle-friendly and light weight.

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Each mat measures 20-inches by 18-inches. Each set contains 50 of them.
When compared to plastic-mats that spread dirt around, these paper-mats usually pick up the dirt off the shoes.

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