Polka Dot Car Seat Covers

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Polka Dot Car Seat CoversThese polka dot universal fit car seat covers are cute and great way to refresh the interior of any vehicle.

Just like any other seat cover, these covers usually protect car-seats against dirt, daily wear and spills.

They also protect against pet hair, fading and also hide any existing damage.

They  come with matching accessories such as steering-wheel covers and floor mats.

Polka dot design is for fashion-focused individuals. It is associated with an array of bright colored dots usually on a background of different color, for instance white dots that are on a blue background or white dots and a pink background.

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They are available in several colors and designs. You can choose a background that will be able to stand out in your vehicle or one that will match with your interior.

They come in different type of material, the most common being Polyester and Neoprene fabric. They are a great gift idea to those you love.

Here are some available designs.

Red/Black Bucket-Seat Covers

Red Black Bucket-Seat CoversThese 2 front bucket-seat covers have a universal fit that is perfect for cars, vans and SUVs. They come with a black color at the sides and at the rear area with white dots on a red background at the center. They are made of sturdy, soft polyester material with 3mm foam padding. The material is breathable and 100% washable.

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It is easy to install and the fabric is easier to wash. It is also reasonably priced. They have clips and strings at the bottom to help keep them in position.

Blue Bucket-Seat Cover

Blue Bucket-Seat CoverThis blue bucket-seat cover has a universal fit perfect for most seats without built-in armrests. It features white dot pattern with a blue background at the front and a black color at the back. It is constructed with Neosupreme fabric that has thick, 5mm foam cushioning layer.

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It is a single-piece design the easily slips over the seat for easy and quick installation. The fabric material is lightweight, soft, water resistant and very durable. It should not be used on seats with side airbags.

2-Front-Seat Covers

2-Front-Seat CoversThese 2-front-seat covers are too adorable and come in a color that is very vivid. They feature a pattern with white dots with a red background from the headrest to the front seat end.

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They are made of polyester fabric that has 3mm of foam padding. The fabric material is breathable, soft, and machine washable. They come with strings and clips located at the bottom to help keep firmly in place.

Coverking Pink Bucket-Seat Cover

Coverking Pink Bucket-Seat CoverThis Coverking bucket-seat cover has a universal fit design and features white dots on a pink background starting at the headrest area ending at the front seat bottom. It is made of Neosupreme sturdy fabric with 5mm thick foam layer for cushioning.

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It features a stretchable seat backing for non slip, snug fitting. This is a one-piece design the easily slips over the seat. The fabric is durable, soft, lightweight and also water resistant. It is designed to fit most bucket-seats without in-built armrests and not perfect for seats with side airbags.

When buying a durable cover, it is important to determine if you want a number of them for all seats or only for those susceptible to every day wear and tear.

Choose material that matches with your need. If you encounter many spills in a day it is advisable to choose material that is water resistant. If your existing covers get dirty often, it is important to go for those that are easily washable.

Lastly, choose colors that complement well with the interior and exterior of your car.

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