Best Rear Window Shades For Cars

Rear Window Shades For CarsRear window shades for cars are a must have accessory for every vehicle.

Heat from the sun and its damaging UV rays can be destructive to both your passengers and your car interior.

Use of these covers together with those designed for the side window, will definitely help in keeping your passengers comfortable and safe.

These sunshades play an important role in protecting the upholstery from fading and it also helps in keeping the interior cool.

They help in reducing sun glare while maintaining high visibility. In addition, they prevent the sun from blinding while driving and also enhances privacy.

Most of these sunscreens are attached using suction cups. They are lightweight and made in various designs. They are made to fit almost all car rear windows. For ease of storage, they come in an easy to fold design.

Here are some of the top rated rear sunshades.

Shade Styx Black Universal Sunshade Kit

Shade Styx Black Universal Sunshade KitThis Shade Styx black universal design covers about 80% of your rear car side window. It is designed for use on cars from model year 2000 and above. It is not recommended for use on SUVs, hatchbacks, minivans and pickups. This easy to see-through mesh blocks UV radiations and direct sunlight.

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It is easy to install and uninstall. In order to properly install it, the car must have built-in child-seat anchors behind the rear headrests. It doesn’t require suction cups to install. You just need to fasten it to the built-in anchors at the window deck area at the back . It has one year manufacturer’s warranty. Find more about its features and how to install it from the video below.

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Kogno Back Window Sunshade

Kogno Back Window SunshadeThis Kogno sunshade is made with mesh material. It is sturdy, well-built and lightweight. The mesh is transparent in order to maintain visibility. It helps to block sunshine and to reduce the glare. It comes with four pre-attached sturdy suction cups to keep the shade in place.Once installed, it holds well in place. It is very simple to put up and take down.

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Once folded, it collapses into a flat, small circle that is very easy to store. It features twist to fold design and has a Velcro strap to keep the shade from unfolding. The edges are well fastened to prevent tearing. It measures 39 by 19 inches.

Auto Expression Shade

Auto Expression ShadeThis Auto Expression Shade is made with transparent mesh material. It helps to reduce the glare and to block sun radiation without hindering the driver’s visibility. It is easy to attach with the included suction cups and holds well in a variety of weather and temperature conditions.

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It has an outer wire rim that helps to reinforce and support the mesh. Once installed, it covers most of the rear window. It measures 40 by 19 inches. It is a nice easy clip on design. It folds back into a small circle for easier storage, when not in use.

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