Roof Luggage Rack Baskets For SUVs

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Luggage Rack For SUVsLuggage racks for SUVs conveniently provide additional storage platform for cargo carrier bags that may be not be loaded inside the vehicle.

Ideal for carrying equipment, sports gear, cargo with irregular shapes, or just about anything that’s bulky and can be loaded on a rack-basket for safe and convenient transport.

When choosing an ideal rack, features that you need to take into consideration are size of the rack relative to the size of the SUV roof top, the quality of materials used, weight of the rack along with the maximum weight that the rack can accommodate, installation process, and other safety features.

The rack size should be proportionate to the SUV roof top size. In terms of quality features, the frame, along with all its corresponding parts, including detachable parts, should be made of quality durable material that is rust and corrosion resistant, and also weather proof. Installation should be easy and all parts should stay in position even during rough conditions.

Here are some top rated designs.

18115 Curt Roof Mounted Cargo-Rack

This Curt 18115 model is lightweight yet durable, with unique adjustable foot pod design that’s ideal for numerous types of cars and SUVs. It is a two-piece design that’s easy to install. It is made from durable heavy metal material with powder coat finish. It comes with mounting brackets included. It has adjustable 4 brackets that mount to square and round or aero type bars. It requires 2 crossbars to attach to.This Curt model has a weight limit of 150lbs. It can be taken on and off.

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It measures 41.5 by 37 by 6.25 inches and weighs 29.1 pounds. This model comes with a flexible plastic wind fairing to reduce wind resistance and noise when travelling. You can buy an additional extension here to expand the length by 21 inches.

48.5-Inch Storage Basket

48.5-Inch Storage BasketThis storage basket features a spacious additional roof top cargo space with a loading interior space of 42.25-inch long by 36.25-inch wide by 4.75inch high. A unique strong wire mesh floor provides a safe and convenient method to help strap down luggage in place. This basket can easily be installed with four U-bolts on round crossbars up to 1.375-inch in diameter or square crossbars that are up to 3.25 inch wide by 1.375-inch thick. It is designed to hold not more than 150 lbs.

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It highlights distinct black wind fairing that reduces wind, vibration and noise once the vehicle is in motion. It is built with heavy-duty metal material that has smooth black finish. The overall basket measures 48.5-inch long by 38.25-inches wide by 5.5-inch in height.

TMS Luggage Holder

TMS Luggage HolderThe TMS Roof holder is built with a universal design that is compatible with most types of crossbars. It features heavy-duty steel construction that is durable and weather tested. Metal parts are finished with fine powder coat and are rust-free and corrosion resistant. It is black in color. It comes with steel wind fairing to reduce vibration and wind noise.

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The entire design is 6.5-inch tall by 43.5-inch long by 39 inch wide. Maximum weight it can hold is 150 lbs. It comes with four U shaped brackets for mounting that attach to cross bars of up to about 4.75 inches wide.

Best Choice Universal Roof Rack

Best Choice Universal Roof RackThe Best Choice Universal-rack is constructed with black powder-coated heavy-duty steel. It comes with wind fairing made of steel that helps to reduce windy noise or resistance. Maximum recommended is 150 lbs. The side rails and bottom metallic bars help to keep luggage in position and at the same time providing ample of tie down ends. The support pieces and welds are very sturdy.

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The entire design is 6-inch tall by 44 inches long by 39 inch wide. It comes with four U shaped universal bolts that attach to round cross-bars up to 1.375-inch in diameter or square cross bars that are up to 1.375-inch thick by 3.25-inch wide. The basket is easy to set up.

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