Best Seat Protectors For Car Seats

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Seat Protector Mat For Car SeatsSeat protector mats are uniquely designed to protect car seats from being damaged by scratches and indentations.

In addition, these covers also shield the interior upholstery from being ruined by every day wear and tear. This helps to prolong the life of your car-upholstery.

Protectors that are made of waterproof material usually guard the upholstery from stains and spills. This keeps the interior clean and looking like new.

These seat covers are mat-like accessories ideal for families with pets or young children. This is because they prevent dents and scuff marks caused by pets, or infant carriers, boosters or child-seats. They are also useful if you need to put products such as groceries in the backseat.

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If you are looking for a design to use with your child car-seat, it is important to choose a mat with non-skid material to keep the car-seat securely in place. If you are using a rear facing safety-seat, you can choose a design that provides coverage on the back of the seat so that it can act as a kickmat for your child.

If you are fond of carrying your child necessities such as toys or books, you can therefore go for a design with organizer pockets.

Here are some top rated designs available in the market today. Some are designed for use with specified child safety-seats.

BRICA Seat Guardian

BRICA Seat GuardianThis unique seat guardian is a one-piece design that is compatible with all car-seats. It is color safe and won’t bleed onto the upholstery. It features grime-guard fabric on top to protect against dirt and moisture. This fabric is easy to clean. It is slide-proof feature includes dual-grip traction type of technology that grips on the seat, ensuring that the safety-seat won’t move once in position.

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This model is ideal for rear facing and front facing safety seats. It features an extra-tall back panel. It has an adjustable strap that secures the back-panel on to the headrest. It has raised walls to catch spills and crumbs before any damage can be done on your interior upholstery. Watch the following video for more features.

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Diono Ultra Mat

Diono Ultra MatThis Diono Ultra Mat is designed to cover the seat bottom area and the back. It featurestear resistant, double-layer fabric on the top. The fabric is easy to clean and also waterproof. It has anti skid foam pads that offer rubberized grip on the top and bottom keeping the child-seat in position. It comes with an adjustable strap with a buckle to secure the back panel around the headrest. It is also latch compatible and has room for either anchor clips or the seatbelt.

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It has organizer pockets on a flap that hangs at the end of the vehicle-seat to protect the upholstery. It is ideal for both forward-facing and rear-facing baby safety-seats. It is black in color and does not bleed the color on the seat. The recommended maximum weight that this mat can handle is 120 pounds. Can be used on both leather and cloth seats. It works with all baby safety seats, Diono-seats including high-back boosters. It doesn’t stick or melt on the seats. The seat-bottom measures 17 by 19 inches.

Summer Infant Elite DuoMat

ummer Infant Elite DuoMatThis Elite Duomat is made of molded thick foam. It has a non-skid back that keeps it securely in place. The front features super-grip, textured vinyl material to prevent the car-seat or booster from shifting and slipping. The back-panel is adjustable and usually folds down to accommodate car-seats that have a rear-facing design.

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It is perfect for both front-facing and rear-facing car-seats. It doesn’t obstruct your car latch system holes. The waterproof material keeps your interior dry. It is also easy to clean and install. It also has 3 mesh pockets for convenient storage.

Britax Vehicle Seat-Protector

Britax Vehicle Seat-ProtectorThis Britax protector has been approved for use with Britax seats. It is crash tested and provides full coverage of the child-seat base. It is made of non-slip, heavy duty rubber material that grips the seat and also the child safety-seat base to reduce rubbing or any movement. It is designed with raised edges to catch debris, food crumbs and spills. It is also waterproof and easy to clean with water and soap.

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It is gray in color and has a guard that hangs at the bottom to protect the upholstery from dirty or wet shoes. It does not slide or slip out of position. It is latch compatible. It is portable and compact.

Freddie and Sebbie Protector-Mat

Freddie and Sebbie Protector-MatThis protector-mat comes with universal fit for most vehicles. It doesn’t scratch your car-seats and is ideal for leather or cloth seats. The mat has anti-slipping and anti-abrasion rubber backing at all corners. The anti-slip backing does not melt of stick on the seats. It has durable polyester fabric on top. It has side slits for accessing the seat belts.

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It has 2 mesh pockets at the bottom. It is simple to install and keep clean.

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