Steering Wheel Covers For Girls

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Steering Wheel Covers For GirlsSteering wheel covers for girls come in colorful and fun designs. They are available in pink and purple colors, floral and animal print  or character patterns.

Just like other auto accessories, these covers also add style and comfort to any vehicle be it Vans, RV’s and even trucks.

Most of them come in sizes that fit most standard wheels and have easy slip-on design for quick installation. Some of them come as sets containing other accessories such as seat covers or floor mats.

They normally protect the original wheel from sun damage and cracking. They should also be used together with windshield covers.

They provide a more secure, slip-free grip by preventing palms from sweating. They also insulate hands against cold and hot climate.

Covers that are cushioned also add extra cushioning on the hard wheel, providing much needed comfort. These covers are made from different material such as polyester, velour and microfiber fabric.

These accessories usually allow you to drive in style while giving your steering-wheel a new look.

Pink Covers

These covers are made from soft and colorful material. They add a pop of pink color on your wheel, giving a personal touch to the interior of the car.

It is said that those who love beauty usually favor pink, and because girls love beauty, pink color will always be a great option. In addition, pink is a positive color that calms our negative feelings and also inspires warmth.Therefore, if you love beauty, you are warm and friendly to others; express your personality by getting one of the following covers.

 Pink with Black StripePink with Black StripepricePink cover fits 14.5 - 15.5 steering-wheelsPink cover fits 14.5 – 15.5 steering-wheelspricePink Shaggy CoverPink Shaggy Coverprice







Floral Patterns

These are fun and fashionable designs with flower patterns to create a balanced and pleasing composition. Floral designs are usually soft and feminine, bringing out the girlish charm. They are ideal for girls who love springtime, artistic designs and flowers. They are available in a variety of styles to choose from.

Cover w Twin FlowersCover w Twin FlowerpricePink Floral Pattern For 14.5 to 15.5 InchesPink Floral Pattern For 14.5 to 15.5 InchespriceAuto Car Wrap CoverAuto Car Wrap Cover price







Baja Blanket Cover

Baja Blanket CoverThis Baja blanket cover is 15 inches in diameter and easily slips-on to most standard wheels. The inside is made of rubbery material, but the outside is blanket fabric. It absorbs moisture from the hands, providing a comfortable grip.

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It will keep the wheel cool in summer sunshine and protect it from cracking and drying. It will keep your fingers from freezing during winter. It is easy to install and fits securely.


Hello Kitty Designs

If your beautiful girl is a fan of hello kitty character, then the following covers will definitely be a good choice. These designs will give your car that unique bright and colorful appearance. They are easy to clean with water and soap.

They do not fade or shrink. They are soft and comfortable to hold on to. The best thing is that you can also get other matching Hello Kitty car accessories to decorate your interior.

Officially Licensed Hello Kitty-CoverOfficially Licensed Hello Kitty-CoverpriceHello Kitty Car Wheel Cover (Butterfly Pattern)Hello Kitty Car Wheel Cover (Butterfly Pattern)priceHello Kitty Ribbon Wheel-CoverHello Kitty Ribbon Wheel-Coverprice







Animal Print Designs

These covers are great for animal print lovers. There are a variety of prints available with spots and stripes ranging from zebra to leopard designs. They are an inexpensive way to cover up and protect it from scratches.

Animal print designs are usually neutral and a favorite for most girls. They will provide  much deserved comfortable feel for the hands and ensure adequate grip to eliminate any slippage.
Leopard PurpleLeopard PurplepriceAnimal Print Cover Animal Print Cover priceCheetah Plush Cheetah Plush price







Peacock Wheel Cover

Peacock Wheel CoverThis Peacock Cover features beautiful and bright feathery peacock pattern over a black background. It is well made and doesn’t slip around the wheel. The inside is made of rubber and the outer area is made of suede like fabric.It is designed to fit any standard size wheel.

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It keeps the wheel warmer in the winter and also keeps it from being hot during the summer period. It is also easy to put on.

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