Top Rated Spare Tire Covers For Campers

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Spare Tire Cover For CampersThese spare tire covers for campers help in protecting tires against rain, dirt, corrosion and bird droppings.

In addition, they also protect against harmful UV rays. This helps to reduce any premature damage or degrading of the tire.

Just like seat covers, these accessories are an inexpensive and simple way to sharpen up the image of your recreational vehicle and to keep your extra-tire in a clean and dry state.

They are designed to stretch around the tire. Most of them have an elasticized end for easy installation and removal.

They are made of vinyl material because of its durability, water repellant features and the fact that it is also easier to wipe clean.

They are available in different colors, though white is known to reflect sun-rays away and therefore ideal for hot weather season.

They also come in different sizes. In order to get the right fitting, always ensure that you have correctly measured the entire diameter of your tire including the rim as well as the side wall, before ordering.

Here are some available designs

27-inch Camco White-Cover

27-inch Camco White-CoverThis Camco-Cover is designed to fit diameter ranging from 25.5 to 26.5 inches. It is built with thick vinyl material on the exterior and has non-scratch, soft lining on the inside. It is fitted with an elastic hem for an adjustable fit. The material is waterproof, mildew and UV resistant.

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It has deeply stitched nylon thread to ensure weatherproofing of seams. It has an elastic bungee cord closure that is located on the reverse part to hold the cover securely. The price is also reasonable. Apart from this white design, you can also get it in off-white and black colors. It is also available in other sizes.

Black Universal-Fit-Cover

Black Universal-Fit-CoverThis black-cover is well-made and easy to install. This particular design is for tires with a diameter 26.75 to 29.75 inches. It has a good elasticized cord at the back-side and 2 sturdy plastic hooks that attach to each other to keep it secured tightly over the tire. It is made of heavy vinyl with soft inner lining that will not scratch your polished rims.

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It gives a nice appearance to your car external look. The cover is waterproof and UV resistant. It is also easy to clean. You can also get it in grey and white colors.

Custom Fit Tire-Cover

Custom Fit Tire-CoverThis custom tire-cover fits a diameter of 25.5 to 26.5 inches. It is ideal for spare tires on trucks, RVs, or vans. It is available in snow white, black and grey colors. It is made of waterproof, heavy-vinyl material that has soft, scratch-resistant inner material. This inner material is cotton-like to protect the tire and also prevent it from getting super-hot.

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The vinyl exterior material easily wipes-clean and is also UV and mildew resistant.It also features an elasticized hem at the back for fast and adjustable fit. It is also available in other many sizes. The price is also reasonable.

Bully Universal Covering

Bully Universal CoveringThis bully universal covering comes in a standard design for tires with a diameter ranging from 26.5 to 29.5 inches. It is well made and doesn’t show signs of wear. It features shiny, soft vinyl material that is thick enough and well put together. It is also weather resistant.

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It has an elastic band around the cover to facilitate for easy installation. In addition, it has a tightening bungee cord to ensure the cover remains wrapped on the tire all the time. The inside comes with a soft flannel-like lining that will not damage your tire.

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