Cling & Suction Cup Window Sun Shades For Cars Side-Windows

window sun shades for cars side windowsWindow sun shades for cars side windows are designed to effectively block harmful ultraviolet rays and also to provide protection against heat and sun glare.

These sun shields are usually fitted on the car windows with the use of static cling material, adhesives or suction cups.

Whether you live in the grey and rainy northwest, or the sun-baked deserts of the southwest,  sunshades are protective items that help to keep the integrity of your auto intact. They help to keep the interior cool and well-shaded.

They also act as a powerful shield against harmful rays in order to protect the driver, kids, pets and the entire family. In addition, they also help in protecting vinyl, leather and plastic interior pieces and upholstery.

Sunshades are fairly inexpensive, yet they end up saving thousands of dollars in the long run. Even those on modest budgets should consider parting with a few dollars for these indispensable pieces of functional accessories.

They are available in different designs. They are made of mesh fabric, film or PVC material. Most of them are designed in a way that easily permits high visibility for both the driver and the passenger, while providing protection. Others come in a design that makes it easy to roll them up when not in use.

Static Cling Style Shades

Most of these shades usually have a static cling material on one side which easily attaches to the window without using suction cups or any adhesive. They install very easily and no tools are required to position them on the glass. Their unique design allows for easy removal without leaving any residue. They are designed to fit in most car windows. Since these shades usually cling to the window, they usually allow the user to be able to roll the windows down without any problem.

Shade by Kassa with UPF 30+Shade by Kassa with UPF 30+ priceCling SunshadeCling SunshadepriceJeep Cling Sunshade 2 PackJeep Cling shade 2 Packprice







EZ-Cling Britax Model

EZ-Cling Britax DesignThis EZ-Cling Britax model is ideal for rear side windows. Its unique static cling design allows for easy positioning. It is made of mesh fabric and has an ultraviolet protection factor of 30 and above. The lightweight mesh fabric is fitted with a wire frame for better support.

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It is designed to allow visibility for the car-driver and passengers. It works well with tinted windows without causing any damage. It is easily removable and you can reposition easily depending on the movement of the sun. A pack has 2 of them and each shade measures 19 inches by 12 inches.

Enovoe Ride Cling Design

Enovoe Ride Cling DesignThis Enovoe ride cling design is effective in blocking over 97% of harmful ultraviolet rays. It features a double layer design with a static cling, plastic-like back and a front mesh side. It attaches firmly without falling off. The mesh is lightweight with a see through design that helps to maintain high visibility.

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The shade has a sturdy wire all around for adequate reinforcement. It twists and folds easily when not in use for compact storage. You can easily remove without leaving any marks. A storage pouch and an EBook addressing heat safety tips for kids is usually included with the purchase. One pack has 2 of them each measuring 12 inches by 19 inches.

TFY Universal Side-Window Model

TFY Universal Side-Window SunshadeThis universal design fits all car models. It has been designed to fit the entire rear side window. Compared to other shades, it doesn’t allow the sun to get in on the sides. It is made of flexible, elastic, stretchable mesh material. It is lightweight and foldable. The mesh is breathable and allows air to flow into the car when you roll the windows down.

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The shade is a bit dark and helps in providing privacy. It installs and removes easily. It folds and washes easily. A small pouch is included with the purchase. Once removed, it does not leave any ugly marks.

Suction-Cup Style Window Shades

These suction cup style window shades are designed to fit most vehicles. They come in different sizes and are also very easy to install. All of them come with suction cups for use during installation in order to be able to keep the screen securely in place, providing a firm grip. They are very easy to attach, remove, reposition and reuse. They are made of mesh fabric. Their see-through design offers adequate visibility.They are child friendly and their Ultraviolet protection factor vary from one brand to another.

Easy Twist Folding SunscreenEasy Twist Folding SunscreenpriceBiubee 4 Pack SunshadeBiubee 4 Pack SunshadepriceSunshade by Freddie and Sebbie Sunshade by Freddie and Sebbie price







Giraffe Design Sunshade

Giraffe Design SunshadeThis Giraffe Design Sunshade is lightweight, simple to use and install. It features a cartoon giraffe picture that is kid-friendly and super cute. A pack has two of them and each comes with 2 suction cups. It is easy to remove and doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

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It measures 17 inches x 14 inches, a size that is large enough to fit in most cars. It is made of a smooth mesh fabric and doesn’t block the view. It folds away nicely and you can easily transfer between cars.
It works great and has a nice neutral color.

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