Windshield Sun Shades With Designs

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Windshield Sun Shade With DesignsWindshield sun shades with designs act as a visual barrier as well as a protective shield against heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. They are a fun way to protect your dashboard, the steering wheel and the passenger cabin from getting hot.

These windshield designs together with  sunshades that are designed for the side windows will allow you and your family to enjoy a cool, comfortable trip during the day.

Another added benefit of these shades is their shrouding aspect that is key when it comes to protecting your car from hoodlums.

These shades are constructed with reflective silver, aluminum or vinyl material.This reflective material helps to deflect the heat away. They usually come with logos, characters and printed words.

Sports fans can find shades with their favorite team’s logo, and comic book fans can even find superhero styled shades. No matter what your favorite team or preferred colors are, you will definitely find the best.

Here are some of the available colorful designs to help keep your precious vehicle in the best shape possible, for the longest time possible. They will protect you from entering into a steaming hot vehicle or from grabbing an extremely hot steering wheel.They will also add some privacy in the front.

Plasticolor Star Wars Design

Plasticolor Star Wars AccordionThis Plasticolor Star Wars design comes in one universal size to fit most cars and some trucks. It is a perfect choice for those who love Star Wars series as it features a screen capture from the movie series. It is made of silver bubble wrap/plastic material.

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It measures 0.25 inches in width by 57 inches deep by 28 inches in height. It weighs 13.3 ounces.It is sturdy and folds like an accordion. It comes with built in straps that keep it folded. It is easy to store when not in use. It is manufactured in the U.S.A.

mAuto Sunshades

mAuto sunshadeThis mAuto sunshade comes in a variety of designs and colors. This particular angry eyes design features a fearless and spunky design that appears to be watching everyone passing. It is sturdy and well made. It comes with suction cups to keep it firmly in place.

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It fits most cars. It comes in a size that is wide enough to provide adequate coverage and is also tall enough to be held in place by visors. It has snap straps at the end and a Velcro strap at the center to keep it folded up. It features an eye-catching silver finish.

NCAA Auto Shade

NCAA Auto ShadeThis NCAA auto shade effectively blocks damaging sun rays. It has an accordion design to allow for compact storage. It is designed to fit most trucks and SUVs.

It is made of reflective high quality materials and is available in different team colors and graphics.

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It will keep your car in a cool state during summer time and help you to also advertise or take pride in your team.

NFL Auto shade

NFL Auto shadeThis NFL Auto shade is effective in blocking 99% of damaging sun rays. It is designed to fit most pickups, cars and SUVs. Its accordion design allows for compact storage when not in use. It is made of vinyl reflective cardboard material.

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It is available in a variety of team colors and graphics. It helps to keep the interior of the car in a cool state as you showcase your team logo and also take pride in it. When unfolded, it measures 57 inches wide by 22 1/2 inches in height.

Shades With Animal Cartoon Character Images

If you love animal cartoon characters, here are some shades with graphics of Mickey and Minnie mouse characters. They come in adorable colors and easy to fold designs. They are made of high quality bubble-wrap like reflective material.

Plasticolor Mickey Mouse Expressions Plasticolor Mickey Mouse Expressions priceDisney Dot Minnie Mouse Disney Dot Minnie Mouse priceBatman Colored Logo with BatsBatman Colored Logo with Batsprice







Two Separate Panels

This design comes as two separate panels. They are designed to be used vertically or horizontally with the side having the graphics facing the windshield. They are very easy to use and their color scheme is pretty and vibrant.
Each panel measures 25 inches by 28 inches. They are easy to fold and tuck away. They are an attractive way to block out most of the sun rays and heat.They are constructed with durable nylon material.

Auto Expressions Zebra Auto Expressions Zebra priceFancy Floral Magic Fancy Floral Magic priceAltus Platinum Magic Altus Platinum Magic price







When you are not using the sun-shade, simply fold it up and slide it under a seat, or put it in the trunk. When you park, grab it, unfold it, and then slide into the windshield/dash area to keep your auto cool and well protected.

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